First out of Florida state show! "Voices & Visions: Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease"

I'm totally stoked to announce that "Bill Monster" and "I don't like how the red one tastes", from my Cancer series, are currently on display at The Art Center of Highland Park in Highland Park, Illinois in their 6th biennial "Voices & Visions: Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease" curated by artist and curator Caren Helene Rudman. This year's exhibit honors artist Jackie Sabath who passed away before the opening exhibit of Voices & Visions in 2016, whose piece ‘Back Up Against a Wall, but Moving Forward’ was on display.

A little about their 2018 exhibition from TAC's site: 

"Art that will express how cancer can be a metaphor both literally and symbolically. The Artists work will address the many issues pertaining to cancer, from facing our mortality to finding strength. Whether a survivor, caregiver, or just someone in someway that has been touched by cancer or the fear of it, we are looking for art that helps us to find meaning, and put into context how pain and suffering can lead to empowerment and healing."

I think if my dad were alive right now, he would be darn proud of his lil girl.

Voices & Visions will be up from August 24th to October 4th, with an opening on August 31st.